My name is Maurizio.
I was born in the fall of 1956 in the heart of Florence. During my adolescence the historical center of the city with its well-known monuments provided a continual backdrop for my upbringing and learning. I studied Art History and Architecture to discover the origins of the city and the country believing that the keys of the future lie in the past.
I married a lovely woman in 1977, and I have 2 “children,” 26 and 21 years old. I began my working career as a fashion designer, working in the United States in Japan... Europe. I began working as a driving guide just for fun 10 years ago: today it is my life!!!
One of my favorite books, partially damaged by the great flood of the Arno River in 1966, is dedicated to Renaissance Art History. I bought it in Lucca when I was a young teenager. I love to share with foreigners my interest in all things Tuscan: the traditions, the art, the architecture, the local products, the wine. I strive to establish friendly relationships with my guests, offering not simply a service but providing emotions and true feelings.
To be quite frank there is no one part of Tuscany that I prefer more than others. I love to introduce guests to unknown locations where popular traditions are still alive, driving them in and around Tuscany. Being a driving guide is not simply a job: it is an endless journey, proving special experiences and learning exchanges. Each tour is a new discovery for both my guests and myself.
In the last years I founded a virtual group with my colleagues: UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN TRIPPIN'.

Best regards, Maurizio              

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